Havent posted here In... a while. I've been posting eveywhere else though, but most of the art I've been making is purely commission based. I usually only post on the website where the commission came from. However, I might change that soon due to the lack of activity on a lot of my accounts.

100 - Small Milestone

2016-06-29 02:28:55 by DarkNeedle101

First Milestone reached, Thank you everybody :3


Now to go for that 500~


2016-06-02 01:50:50 by DarkNeedle101


(has anyone done this yet?)

Commission Info

2016-04-07 03:37:00 by DarkNeedle101


Commission Information

*I only take transactions through PayPal, and remember If you are sending an invoice remember to send it as "Goods and services"*

--------------------PayPal Email: darkneedle101@yahoo.com-------------------------

*Commissions slots are on a first come serve basis; based on the notes sent to me. If you didn't make it I'll make sure to tell you as to not leave you hanging *
*Things I won't draw: Scat, piss, vore, extreme hypers, diapers, gore (Depends),pregnancy,your sonic OC (not after watching that one animation), Not too much into butt stuff and tourture (These are only things that  can think of off the top of my head)*
*If you are commissioning for someone elses character, you need their permission and I need some proof.*

----($10) Sketch

----($15) Lineart/Flat Color

----($25) Full Render

- A single rendered character, full body (or set in some other composition). Defult style is my cell shading. Smooth-er shading is an additional $10.
-Includes a basic background which equates to simple shapes or an absract background to complement the character(s)
----($15) Additional Characers and/or Complex Background
- Pretty much self explainintory, each additional character will cost $15. Complex backgrounds (buildings, forests, trees, props, etc.) will also cost $15.
The Process
(1.) First step, pretty much ask me if I'm avalible, if I am next tell me what you would like. We work out the details, any reference you can provide (Poses, characters, background) send it over because I'm gonna need it.
(2.) After that I lock into a slot, and I work on the pieces initial sketch. Keep in mind depending on my avalability and what slot you're in could factor into how long this drawing could take. Once the sketch is done I'll messege you and ask if everything looks right. This is the time to ask for changes, alterations, and such (Later it will be a lot harder to do any changes).
(3.) Once the sketch is approved I get right to work on rendering the piece. During this time, I ask for the money to be sent to my Pay-Pal. If you are unable to pay I will hold onto the piece untill payment is met. Please don't fleece me :(
(4.) When the final piece is made a link will be provided to download a hi-rez version and a version will be posted onto my page. You may feel free to post the image on your page as well, but put a link back to my page in the description.
*If you wish to see an update I will try to send you a screengrab at my earliest conviniece.
*Slots don't open up again until all commissions are done.

Getting Dropped

-Not replying to my messages when I need your approval for the sketch may result in me dropping you from the slot. Withing a weeks time if I don't here back from you, your slot will be released and open for the next person. This will happen only withing the sketch phase and before payment has been made.
-Look, other people would like that spot and if you're not working with me or at least sending back a message to let me know that your still alive. Then I need to move on. I'll hold on to your stuff and resume if you want, but only when the slot opens back up again...

(Min $75) 2D Animation

-24 frames (1 sec) of animation. Additional frame/scenes (Min $30)

Example of my skill: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QjLtof0Q2Z0

- Animation focuses mainly on a character or character(s) or some kind of scene. Keep in mind the price above is a base minimum and may raise or stay the same depending on the scene pitched. I will try to work with you, but I also need to be paid.

- The process for this works the same as the renders. Pitch me an idea for an animation or what you want me to animate (NSFW content, icon, or such). I will put together an animatic (Showing main poses and timing) and once approved put together the animation. Backgrounds and additional characters are adjusted based on how much they may be animated. sounds optional and free :).

"Service Change" coming up

2016-03-12 19:18:00 by DarkNeedle101

This coming April I'll be modifying my commission services. Adjusting how I operate and adding more services (Like animation and some 3d stuff). I'm just preping some example works and drafting the whole thing...

I'm Back

2015-10-16 16:09:38 by DarkNeedle101


Commission Info

2015-06-04 22:05:35 by DarkNeedle101

Finally, I get around to doing this. People tell me that I should I now I'm going to. My prices are negotiable, but this will give an idea of what I'm asking.

General Art

Sketches: $5

Ink/Line art: 10$

Full Render:25$

+$5 for additional/complex characters

What I'm Willing to Draw?

This is tricky as there are only a group of things I won't draw, but I feel there are so few that I may not need to list them. Example would be scat and urination, no thank you. SO, pm or email me to check, it never hurts to ask.

I'm going to a first come first served thing. I'll have 6 slots open and when those get filled I won't open commissions until all the request have been fulfilled. (slots will be posted on my page)

Send me a message if you have any questions.


preview of my work: http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/darkneedle101/preview

Thank you, and nice one :)